Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aaaaand, the Tags are Finished!

I think I'm all done with "Christmas" this year.  :o)  The cards are finished and in the mail.  The tags are completed.  Life is happy.  It's time to get in the studio and begin making some "sunny" cards to brighten up this grey day. ;o)

I made ten of each.  That should be more than enough.  ;o)

I tried to make sure each design had something "special".  The top of the ornament is has been "Smooched" in silver.

 The "Snow" sparkles with millions of "diamonds".

The ornaments on the tree have been "blinged". 

These were just too much fun to make!  Heck, who doesn't enjoy playing with 1.25" grosgrain?  I LOVE that ribbon! :o)

And, here they are in the their temporary home.

These just make me smile. :o)


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Kelli said...

I love the bling on the trees!