Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Third Stationery Box ... For Father's Day

Rachael convinced me I should make one of these stationery sets, and I'm glad she did. "To the Nines" is only heavy paper I have, so I used it. Because the look ended up being so masculine, I decided to give it to my father for Father's Day. I'll tuck a book of postage stamps in the little holder next to the note pad. I used antique brads on the note pad.
I included gift tags he can use.

And I added in 3" x 3" cards that he can use for gift enclosures or whatever.

Dad is a prolific letter writer, and he writes long, long letters. So, I decided to make thank-you cards so he won't have to buy any. I used the stamp, "Elegant Thank You" because it complements the paper.

Rachael has taught me that it is important to make the inside of the card elegant, too.

Best of all, everything folds up into this box.


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