Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Frustrations of Using White Craft Ink

I am often drawn to cards that use white craft ink, but am frustrated whenever I try to use it because the white never shows up white enough no matter how much ink I add to my stamps. So it is with this card. I bought the stamp set Hearts a Flutter because I envisioned making cards with dark cardstock and white ink, and I should have known better because of past failures at both Christmas and Valentine's Day using white craft ink on red cardstock. But I was so determined I soldiered on anyway. Sadly, the results are not at all what I pictured in my brain. I also wasted quite a bit of cardstock in the process because I never could get good results. This cards shows the best of the lot, and it still falls far short. If anyone knows how to get good results using white craft ink, please post a comment tell me how.



Jess said...

I really like it!

Bailey's Leaf said...

I agree with Jess. I think that you are being too hard on yourself. Sometimes what we envision for a project is not how it works out. Sometimes when it doesn't, it's a happy accident. I think the card is quite delightful!