Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Summer Silhouettes

So, my obsession with this stamp set continues.  I just ADORE it and find it incredibly versatile.  I may have said that already...

Anyhow, I was giving some thought to Lissie's post yesterday and thinking about how far I've come as a stamper and card maker.  Sure, my style has evolved and become more "sophisticated" (for lack of a better word), but I'm not embarrassed by my earlier attempts. I think there's always something to be learned from cards we've made--whether it is how that particular technique didn't work or, wow, "I LOVE that card and want to make more of it, I'll just change this one thing". 

You aren't born knowing how to walk and talk and feed yourself--it takes practice, lots of it.  I think card making is like that.  The more you do it, the better you are and the better you feel about what you have created. 

I'll often start with an idea and create something I think is merely "okay".  I'll then look at it and stew over it (and ask my extra set of eyeballs known as "Brien" what he thinks) and make improvements.  I refer to those as "mock-ups" or "rough draft".  I've ruined many a sheet of card stock in my attempts to get something just right

Other times, I'll love what I've created and just make a tweak here or there to see how I feel about those changes.  This card (and the next) are perfect examples of that. 

I created this card first.  Of late, I've really enjoyed creating white-on-white cards.  I stamped the flowers first, masked them, and stamped the leaves. 

An aside here: When trying to determine color combinations, I'll use my markers to draw lines on a piece of scrap card stock to decide which I like best.  In this case, I had about four different color combos going on, and finally settled on Strawberry Slush, Raspberry Ripple and Gumball Green.  They were rich and delicious and definitely what I was going for. 

But, back to that card.  I thought it was lovely, but could maybe use just a little something more.  I decided to add the same Raspberry Ripple base that I had to the sentiment and a few more leaves to the center.  It really did finish it off.

Here they are side by side.  Both cards are just lovely, but the one on left is (to my mind), just that much more

(Oh, and under that sentiment layer?  A great big ol' mess that is well hidden. ;oP)

See, there's always something new to learn, and always improvements to be made.  No need to be embarrassed, you're just showing growth and development.  :o)


This card uses:

*Stamp Sets: "Signature Greetings" (PTI), "Summer Silhouettes"
*Inks: Gumball Green, Strawberry Slush, Raspberry Ripple
*Papers: PTI's white card stock, Raspberry Ripple

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